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Sunday, November 04, 2007

I Have Moved...

My new blogger address is http://www.destinationseason.blogspot.com/

Please come by!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Yeah, Baby!

I got a promotion (again)! Yes, I know, I am so good at everything I do! The first of the year I became a Buyer (most important job of the company). Bring on the big bucks! I'm making double plus more than what I was. And, there is a bonus program at the end of every quarter and year. To be this young and get a position like this is rare. Gabriel get ready, because Disney World is coming soon! Alberto you get ready too because I am seeing Vegas in our very near future! I am very fortunate to have been offered the position. My boss must really like me :) This is my 2nd promotion in a year and a half. This is really the best company I have worked for so far. Thanks for the opportunity Core-Mark!

JT Here We Come!

I AM GOING TO THE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE CONCERT!!!! Thanks to some really great friends (Taryn and Kevin) who found an awesome deal on floor tickets I can now see him up close and personal! I am just too excited! The concert is March 5th and I know it is going to be the best concert ever. It's just Taryn and I going (girls night out) and we are going to have so much fun. Pink is opening for him and she totally ROCKS. I like to sing her songs at karaoke...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

JT is the Greatest!

I am in love with this song. This, in my opinion, his is best yet. For Britney, not for Britney... who cares? Don't get me wrong, I would like to see him with someone other than Cameron, but love is love. JT is great at what he does and I hope he keeps doing it for a very long time.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Touched By Angels

Saturday I volunteered with the Harvest House here in Burleson. They put together a really great Christmas Angel program at St. Matthew church. There were about 220 families that were expected to attend and about 900 children. A lot of the families have had a really rough year with losing jobs, sicknesses, etc that they weren't going to be able to give much to their children for Christmas. The Harvest House was able to raise enough donations to put together a full luncheon, a drama acted out by local churches, a visit by Santa Claus along with pictures, a room for the children to make ornaments, food baskets to take home, $50 gift cards for each child, and a huge toy store. My "job" was to assist the families with picking out gifts for their children in the toy store. We had everything... Dora, Cabbage Patches, big art sets, skate boards, curling irons, straighteners, makeup, action figures, books, games, cd's and cd players, dvd's, and on and on. It looked like a Wal Mart or Target store. Each family was able to pick a large and small item for each child plus a game, book, or stuffed animal for each child. Each child got a total of 3 items. There were probably 20 of us guides that were responsible for getting all 220 families through the store by 4 o'clock. It started at 11:30. It was a lot of work but well worth it. I came away with so much after meeting all my families. I heard so many stories and got so many hugs and thank you's. Every single one of the mom's, dad's, grandma's, grandpa's, aunts, uncles, and just close friends touched my heart in different ways. I wish all of them a very Merry Christmas and I will be saying an extra prayer for them every day.

It was extremely amazing to me how all of the churches in the Burleson area came together to volunteer and make this happen. It didn't matter your race, age, or religion of choice. I wish every day could be this good!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

My 5 Favorite Christmas Songs

Thanks Jazz for the tag!
These are my 5 Favorite Christmas Songs:

1. Mary Did You Know?
This is the most beautiful song I have ever heard! It makes me cry, but it's such a happy cry.
2. Santa Baby
I HAVE to sing this at karaoke one night. You can't help but smile when listening to this song!
3. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Gabriel always sings and dances to this song!
4. All I Want for Christmas is You
For you, Alberto. I love you! Can you believe this is going to be our third Christmas together?!
5. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
All I have to say about this one is... too cute!
I tag Alberto, Taryn, Julie, Christy, and Megan.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Best Company Christmas Party EVER!

I have to say I was completely surprised at my company Christmas party. It was SO much fun! Of course, there were your normal stick in the muds, but it's all about how you make it. Our table was the loudest, most fun, cheering, hootin' and hollerin' bunch there. We obviously know how to have a good time. So, for those of you who don't know about the prizes that were given away, here is a list.
Grand Prizes
1. An all expense paid trip to Vegas!
2. 2 American Airline Tickets anywhere in the US and Canada.
3. A 32 inch FlatScreen TV.
Misc. Prizes
1. Tons and tons of gift cards (Best Buy, Target, Wal Mart, Restaurants.
2. Digital Camera.
3. X-Box 360 Bundle Pack.
4. Portable DVD Player.
5. 2 Video IPODS.
The prizes, as you can see, were awesome. Unfortunately I didn't win any of them. Oh well, maybe next time.
But, for the greatest part of all...
Yvonne and I WON the Karaoke contest!!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we WON! We sang Eve and Gwen's Let Me Blow Ya' Mind. We practiced the night before at Taryn's house probably ten times, but never really got it down. We were both nervous going into it, but we rocked it! We both surprised the heck out of ourselves. Some of the other songs we were up against were Brick House, Word Up, Higher by Creed, the Grease duet, and a Selena song. My department even did a rendition of We Will Rock You, but it seems like I was the only one singing. Figures! At least everyone came up there though.
I have to send a shout out to Taryn and Kevin for letting us practice at there house and letting us borrow the karaoke CD (the DJ didn't have the song). Also, Taryn, you are such a cool friend and I want to say THANK YOU for introducing us to karaoke and being so proud of us for winning. We couldn't wait to call you! We owe this partially to you. I love ya', girl!!!
And to Yvonne... I couldn't have had a better duet partner! Now we need to find some more karaoke contests to enter! All I have to say about our $200 gift card is... BINGO!!!!!
All in all the night was fantastic! Who would have guessed?

Now check out some of the pics from the night...

Alberto and I (aren't we cute?)

Yvonne and I holding up our $200 gift card, baby!

My department (Purchasing), minus Gary, but plus his wife Jean, dancing to YMCA!

Me breakin' it down like Gwen!

Yvonne gettin' her attitude on like E.V.E! You go girlfriend!

The End.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Karaoke Queen

Thanks to Taryn and Kevin for bringing over their karaoke machine Thanksgiving night! Now I am addicted. I think we sang for 4 hours. Of course I know that I can't sing, but I do have rhythm and can at least harmonize (I think). The guys may beg to differ though. Taryn and I found some songs we are really great at singing together and have a plan to go out in a couple of weeks to show our stuff! The guys caught a lot of our singing on video, so be looking out for us on YouTube. We're gonna be stars! Gabriel even surprised the heck out of me by performing Headstrong by Trapt. This has been his favorite song since he was 3 years old. He normally is kind of a shy kid, but this opened him up. He grabbed the microphone and started belting it out. Now I'm calling him "Mommy's Little Rock Star"! I've definitely got to get him on YouTube. And the most romantic part of the evening was when Alberto sang me Hero by Enrique Iglesias. I LOVE that song. It has so much meaning and feeling. He actually sang it with the Spanish accent (so sexy). Talk about melting my heart!

Our Thanksgiving lunch went really well. I have such a small family it was only a few of us. My turkey etc. came out fantastic. My family still can't believe I know how to cook so good! I guess I'm just a natural. Maybe one day I will open up my own catering business. That would be fun!